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Frontline Emergency Vehicles is a new ambulance brand produced by REV Group. Established in Q2 2016, Frontline currently offers one model - the M1. Units are built in Winter Park, Florida and feature some of the industry's fastest lead times. Ambulances can be built in 60 days, far surpassing the average of 90 to 120. Focused on durability, safety and quality, the M1 ambulance can be built in a Type I or Type III configuration and is priced competitively to provide the best in an economical ambulance brand. Backed by the REV Group, Frontline Emergency Vehicles promises to be an exciting new brand for departments seeking a dependable unit at an affordable price point.



  • Available in a Type I or Type III configuration with chassis options including:
    • Type I: Ford F-350, Chevy C3500, Chevy K3500
    • Type III: Chevrolet G-3500, Ford E-350 cutaway
  • Constructed with an aluminum modular body.
  • Notable exterior features include Tri-Mark door handles and emergency release tabs on entry doors.
  • Patient compartment features include dowel constructed plywood cabinets with Lifetime construction warranty, over 45 cu. ft. of interior storage, dedicated stair chair storage area, and CPR seat option.
  • Electrical components consist of Whelen warning lights with front light wall, Whelen side and rear scene lights, Whelen WS29HF electronic siren, Whelen dual behind grille speakers, Weldon interior dome lights (6), and Truck-Lite Stop-Tail-Turn signals.
  • A Hoseline combination heat/cool unit is built in for optimum environmental temperature control.
  • Ohio style oxygen outlets and Sscort electric suction with canister provide oxygen-suction functionality.

Built in 60 days and priced to move

Don't wait to learn more about the M1 ambulance. Contact a sales representative today at 877-346-1373 or fill out our online contact form.


As the slogan for this new ambulance model suggests, the M1 is durable and agile - designed to handle the most basic needs of your emergency crew. When designing this new unit, REV's engineering focused on ambulance features prone to wear-and-tear and how they could improve them. By adding in chrome door handles, a full piano hinge on the squad bench and 3/4" wood cabinetry with glued and doweled construction, the M1 is built to last. The trough-style electrical system allows easy access for service and CNC-milled door extrusions accommodate for interchangeable doors. The flanged compartment design includes features less prone to breakage and vents for better ambulance flow.

Thoughtful design considerations aside, the M1 is also a great choice for departments and private service companies concerned about their budget. Offered at a competitive price, REV Finance can also provide attractive leasing packages.