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The sales progression for every new Marque ambulance is always different, depending on each department’s requirements, but here are a few things you can expect from us during the process:

  • An initial phone conversation about your department’s specific needs and requests. All Marque Ambulances can be customized as much or as little at the customer requires, so feel free to mention any special requirements;
  • A follow-up appointment is scheduled to see a demo vehicle along with further discussions of your specific needs and how they will be applied to the Marque model selected;
  • A custom set of drawings, specifications, and pricing information is presented for approval;
  • If the proposal is accepted, a Purchase Agreement is signed and the order sent to Marque Ambulance who will, in turn, provide a final production order and drawings to be approved;
  • Once the vehicle has been completed at Marque’s facility, Keystone representatives will go to inspect and accept the vehicle. The customer is always welcome to come along on these trips;
  • The approved vehicle will then be transported to Keystone where a state inspection can be completed, graphics installed, and the customer can finally take delivery of their brand new ambulance!


Since 1998, Keystone Emergency Vehicles has been a Marque Ambulance dealer, and, to this day, we continue to serve our customers in the Pennsylvania and Maryland regions with this exceptional brand. Built for safety and engineered for endurance, Marque Ambulance has proven to be a great partner for Keystone Emergency Vehicles and our customers. Marque Ambulance offers basic ambulance packages but can also provide a completely customizable vehicle to fit your department’s every requirement.

A dependable ambulance manufacturer, Marque Ambulance follows their core values of providing reliable products, proficient production, and honoring relationships. Always open and responsive to new ideas or requests from the customer, Marque makes the sales process easy and efficient. We also make it a point to participate in any sales or services meetings held by Marque Ambulance to ensure all Keystone personnel are aware of product improvements and new updates on how to best service Marque vehicles.

At Keystone Emergency Vehicles, we carry the complete line-up of Marque Ambulance models to best serve our customers in the Maryland and Pennsylvania area. Offering the BrigadierCommando, and Type IIambulances, our staff will help you to decide which ambulance best fits your needs.

With competitive pricing and completely customizable models, Marque Ambulances are a favorite among our customers. For more information on purchasing a new Marque ambulance, call us at 877-346-1373 or contact us today on our online contact form.

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