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If you’re able to give a little on space, but not on quality or customization options, a Marque Type II ambulance might be just what your department needs.

  • Although the Type II is smaller than the standard Type I or Type III ambulance model, it is built with the same structural integrity and roll cage design.
  • Because of their compact size, these Type II vehicles are easier to maneuver and are less expensive than their larger counterparts.
  • Available as either a Squad 2 (with Ford Transit or Chevy chassis) or a Sprinter (with a Mercedes or Freightliner chassis), you have plenty of options for how to customize your Type II ambulance.

Consider the Marque Type II ambulance if you have a tighter budget or a work environment that would benefit from a compact and easy-to-maneuver emergency vehicle. Although the Type II is a smaller ambulance, it can still make a big impact in your organization.



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Choosing the Right Type II Ambulance: Squad 2 or Sprinter

Squad 2

Offered on the all new Ford Transit or Chevy chassis, the Squad 2 is an exceptional Type II ambulance. Boasting a fully-welded, steel roll cage structure, the Squad 2 was designed with durability and safety in mind. On top of that, the cab compartment offers up to 72” of interior headroom and plenty of storage and cabinets to help your EMS team get the job done efficiently. With a 4 year/48,000 Conversion warranty included, the Squad 2 is hard to beat.


Available on either a Mercedes or Freightliner chassis option, the Sprinter Type II ambulance is focused on comfort and safety. Providing 72” of headroom, your staff can easily stand and walk around while attending to the patients at hand. This vehicle also includes wide doors for easily loading and unloading patients into the cab. If you also consider the excellent fuel economy of this Type II ambulance, the Marque Sprinter is an excellent choice for many organizations.

Interested in learning more about the Marque Type II Ambulance? Contact a sales representative today at 877-346-1373 or fill out our online contact form.

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Want to know some basic specifications?
Squad 2Sprinter
BodyFront Wall: Solid bulkhead with pass-thru window
02 Storage: "M" Tank - horizontal, across the front
Front Wall: Solid bulkhead with pass-thru window
02 Storage: "M" Tank - horizontal, across the front
InteriorSquad Bench with under-seat storage
ALS Cabinet with closable compartment door
Cabinets: Wood
Squad Bench with backboard slot including two hinged lids with storage underneath
Power Distribution/ElectricalMarine grade high current switches
115-volt, 20 amp Shoreline
Shoreline: 115VAC, 20 amp with mating plug with GFI protection
Electrical Lights & Siren12 volt circuit board
Intersection, grille, warning, load, and side scene lights
Siren: Whelen WS-295HSFA7
EnvironmentalDucted AC-Heat system with ceiling vents
3” fiberglass insulation
Marine style power vents
Ducted AC/Heat System: 650 CFM blower unit, 30,000 BTU A/C, 36,000 BTU heating
Insulation: 3" fiberglass