Wheeled Coach Type II Ambulances

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Those looking for a van based ambulance will find just what they need in a Type II Wheeled Coach. The manufacturer offers two unique Type II ambulances, specifically the Crusader Plus and Sprinter. Interested in learning more about Wheeled Coach Type II ambulances? Read on.

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Wheeled-Coach-TypeII-Crusader-Plus-AmbulanceThe Wheeled Coach Crusader PLUS™ offers more driver and passenger room than other van ambulance configurations. In fact, driver and front passenger seats offer 3” of additional seat travel over previous models. It also has increased payload capacities. Available on a Chevy or Ford chassis, it boasts standard features such as a printed circuit board, stand-up oxygen rack, and AVW Grille assembly. The exclusive EnterSafe™ roof allows for the addition of two angled, roof-mounted warning lights that provide extra visual warning to enhance safety at intersections.

  • Chevy CG33705 – 155” wheelbase, GVW 9,900 lbs
  • Ford Transit T250 – 144” wheelbase, GVW 9,000 lbs

Since its introduction in 1998, the Wheeled Coach Crusader PLUS™ has proven itself as a workhorse ambulance in fleets large and small. The Chevrolet platform has a longer wheelbase and spacious cab design, while the Ford offers a 3.7L V6 gasoline engine or 3.2L I-5 Turbo Diesel that’s fuel efficient and easy to maintain.


Wheeled-Coach-TypeII-Sprinter-AmbulanceThe Wheeled Coach Sprinter utilizes the Mercedes Sprinter platform to deliver a lightweight ambulance packed with safety features like ABS brakes and acceleration skid control. Built with one of the world’s cleanest diesel engines, the Sprinter offers improved fuel economy - making it highly affordable as well. Highlights of this ambulance include a printed circuit board, corner cap lights, DuraLite cabinets, and seamless doors

  • Mercedes & Freightliner chassis available – 144” wheelbase, GVW 8,550 lbs

The Wheeled Coach Sprinter allows for multiple floor plan choices to accommodate a wide variety of lifesaving and patient handling equipment. In addition, 77” of interior headroom make it a comfortable working environment.