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Save money with a pre-owned ambulance, stock or demo unit

We want to ensure they get a quality emergency vehicle at a price they can afford. For some departments and private companies, that is not always a new custom ambulance. Instead, we work with them to find a pre-owned or demo ambulance that suits their needs.

While it is always important to do good research before purchasing a used vehicle, it is especially important in the case of a used ambulance. A pre-owned ambulance has to be just as reliable as a new ambulance, offering minimal downtime and the ability for easy maintenance when it does need a repair. Reliability is critical, as it could be a matter of life and death for the patients it serves.

We are constantly updating our in-stock inventory with pre-owned ambulances in a variety of models. In addition, our selection of demo ambulances offers a like-new option for those seeking low-mileage and great custom features. We carry Type I, Type II, and Type III Ambulances.

Search our online inventory of in-stock demo and pre-owned ambulance units, or contact us at 877-346-1373 for more information.