Get Ready for Winter Weather Now

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Are your emergency vehicles prepared for winter?

Winter brings thoughts of cold, snow, ice and other weather events related to cold weather. Just as providers must be ready for cold weather, emergency vehicles should also receive some attention before the flakes start to fly. By completing a few simple steps, you will help improve the life of your vehicle and reduce the chances of breakdown. Items to check and complete are:

• Inspect hoses for cracks and leaks. Replace as needed.
• Inspect tire chains for proper size. Ensure all required components are present and located in an area for easy retrieval.
• Install Automatic tire chains. Now is the time to re-install the chains and lubricate as required.
• Inspect door gaskets and seals to ensure there are no cracks or splits. Replace dried out or cracked seals with new to prevent air and water leaks.
• Check engine fluid levels. Change engine oil if required. Inspect and clean air filter unit.
• Place container of ice melt, small shovel and kitty litter on vehicle for use.
• Inspect windshield wipers for wear and replace with Winter Grade wipers. Ensure windshield washer fluid is full.

By performing these few small tasks now, you will save time when the snow or ice arrives. Winter weather can be hard on your vehicle, but a few simple steps will help you be prepared for the harsh weather ahead.