Keystone Emergency Vehicles Launches New Website

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There are so many exciting things happening at Keystone Emergency Vehicles, and this month we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Our new site is a significant improvement over the old, offering you more information about our company and models, as well as entirely new sections of the site with enhanced functionality

Snapshot of old website: 

Previous Website

Snapshot of New, Responsive Site: 

New Responsive Site Design

The new was built using responsive web design. This is the latest trend in web design, focused on providing an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Acting like a chameleon, the site can change its appearance to best suit the type of device you are using - such as a smart phone or desktop computer monitor. This is an important feature, since 2014 marked a significant shift in how people browse the Internet. Now, more people access the Internet from their smart phone than a desktop or laptop. Over 15% of our traffic comes from mobile or tablet users, so we are proud to offer an enhanced experience to them through our new responsive site.

We also now have a complete listing of all demo and pre-owned ambulances for sale through us. The Search Inventory section gives you a quick look at all available in-stock units. You can use our search options to browse through units by category, type, make, or model. Additional details on each ambulance can be found by clicking “View Additional Listing Details.” There, you’ll find a picture gallery, basic information on the year, chassis, engine, and more, as well as noteworthy features included on the unit. Our in-stock inventory is always changing, so be sure to stop back routinely to see what’s new!

You will also want to come back and visit us often for our Recent Deliveries. As new units are completed and delivered to our customers, we will feature them on our blog. A collective list will appear on our Deliveries page. This is a great place to check out what other departments in the area are doing and what special features they have included on their ambulances. Take a peek inside and get ideas for your next set of ambulance specifications and design.

Don’t forget about all of the other information that can be found on our website as well. We have a detailed overview of our company with customer testimonials and a list of staff members. There are also detailed pages on each ambulance model we offer from Marque Ambulance and Medix Specialty Vehicles. Our blog will also keep you informed on the latest industry news and updates, as well as other relevant topics.

We hope that you have a great experience on our new website. If there is anything we can help you with please contact us at 888-840-8450; our knowledgeable sales staff is ready and waiting to serve you. If you’d like to provide feedback on our new site, please leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!