What is ZeroRPM?

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Simply, It's the perfect idle-mitigation solution when your ambulance is on the scene of a call or parked at the emergency room.

ZeroRPM is a hands-free Idle Mitigation System (IMS) for your ambulance, enabling it to function the same when parked whether the engine is running or not. It is designed to virtually eliminate costly, and harmful, vehicle idling.

Automatically starting and stopping the engine to decrease fuel consumption, pollution, and maintenance costs, ZeroRPM allows complete use of the ambulance’s critical functions as if the engine were still on. While crews continue to have access to the vehicle’s A/C, heat, windows, lighting, accessories, vital equipment and more, ZeroRPM helps reduce the negative impact extended idling has on the environment, personal health, and vehicle operating costs.

ZeroRPM is a perfect idle-mitigation solution when your ambulance is on the scene of a call, parked at the emergency room, or in static standby for its next call.

How ZeroRPM Operates

Activating ZeroRPM couldn’t be simpler. When the vehicle is placed in park and the driver takes his or her foot off the brake, the ZeroRPM Intelligent Vehicle Management System takes full control of the engine’s operation, shutting down or re-starting the engine, as necessary, to provide seamless operation of all the ambulance’s systems with minimal, if any, engine idling.

When idle mitigation is activated, ZeroRPM continues to provide power to operate as if the engine is running, allowing idle-free use of radios, emergency lights, interior lights, oxygen and medical air, fresh air ventilation, chassis windows, etc.

ZeroRPM also continues to heat or cool the vehicle as requested, with the heat and A/C systems working as they normally would through the factory-installed vents and controls. For extreme cold weather climates, a fuel-fired heater can be added, providing enhanced idle-free heat.

While the engine is off, ZeroRPM will monitor multiple conditions and, if required, ZeroRPM will automatically restart the engine to ensure continuous use of the ambulance. The ZeroKey feature allows the crew to leave the ambulance unattended without the need to leave the key in the ignition.

ZeroRPM systems have an Intellimetrics option, allowing you to track vehicle usage and observe idle mitigation operation. This feature provides valuable data such as Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) to support vehicle maintenance, calculators to track fuel and maintenance savings, and tracking to identify other possible idle reduction areas.

There is even an additional temperature control on the ZeroRPM controller to enable the cab’s heat and air conditioning to be set to a specific temperature. When set, ZeroRPM will turn off the cab’s HVAC once the selected temperature is reached.




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